Marcionite Church of Christ

Marcion's bible consisted of early versions of some of the current New Testament writings, he divided these into two parts: Evangelion ("the Gospel"), and the Apostolikon ("the Apostle"). The Evangelion consisted of an early version of Luke, while the Apostolikon consisted of the following:

1 Corithians
1 Thessalonians
Laodiceans (aka Ephesians)

Again the letters of Paul are also earlier versions than the current ones. And are therefore more free of alterations.

Although none of the Marcionite scriptures has survived Orthodox suppression, the early church fathers so aggressively dissected his work that we are able to reconstruct his bible fairly accurately. So far Evangelion and Galatians have been restored. Work is being done to restore the others.

The Bible according to Marcion

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